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Thanks for visiting my website.  My name is Sarah Mason, I’m a teacher and sugar flower fanatic, and I’m based in Surrey in the UK.

You might know me as the owner of The Flower Power Club on Facebook, or from one of many sugar flower classes I have taught over the last few years.

In case you are wondering whether I can help you – have you ever asked yourself…

  • I really enjoy making cakes with sugar flowers for family and friends – but I don’t know if I could earn a living from them ?
  • I can do basic sugar flowers, but I would love to make wedding cakes – how can I make my flowers look more real ?
  • I’ve already got a busy cake business, but how can I move into the luxury wedding cake sector (and earn more money by doing less) ?

If yes then you’ve come to the right place !

Whether you’d love to start making an income from your floral cakes, but don’t know if you’re good enough; or you dream of moving into the luxury cake sector, but lack the confidence to do so, I can help you, because I’ve been there and bought the tee-shirt!

Photo of Sarah Mason, Teacher at The Sugar Flower School


From a very young age I loved making cakes, but I only discovered my passion for sugar flowers a few years ago when decorating a Mothers Day cake.

I bought a some basic cutters from my local supermarket, and watched a few tutorials on the internet, and to my surprise, managed to make something resembling a rose!  I was so proud!

Since then I have participated in many classes, watched hours of demonstrations and bought just about every book written on making sugar flowers.

I turned my hobby into a business, making and decorating cakes, specialising in floral celebration cakes and my first commission was for a 6 tier wedding cake!


In 2019 I decided to put my teaching expertise to good use, and started running face to face classes, helping cake makers of every level to learn new skills and techniques for making sugar flowers.

Since the Covid pandemic, I am now focussing on on-line teaching, primarily helping cake makers to make sugar flowers that are fit for luxury wedding cakes – so they can do less and earn more!


I have been professionally trained in all aspects of cake decorating by Squires Kitchen International School. 

I am an active member of the British Sugarcraft Guild and the National Sugarart Association, so I regularly update my training and I teach my students the latest trends and techniques.  I also love to learn!

I have been awarded a Food Hygiene Rating of 5 (very good) by my local Council.

Photo of Sarah Mason, Teacher at The Sugar Flower School
Image showing accreditations and memberships

Let me show you all that I’ve learned over the past few years of making sugar flowers for celebration cakes.

It might have taken me months to start making some money, but you can actually get started a lot faster than I did!

In fact, I can help you right now!

  • Download my FREE Pretty Rambling Rose eBook and learn how to create a really pretty cake with just one flower.
  • Join my private Facebook group – an amazing community of sugar florists of all levels!  There are loads of free mini-classes to improve your skills and techniques, product reviews to save you money, and tips to save you time.  Mini-classes are held on Thursdays at noon GMT.  Click here to join – The Flower Power Club.
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