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The mini-classes listed below were all filmed live on Facebook. They have not been edited or altered in any way and contain conversations with viewers, as well as a great deal of information and knowledge on everything relating to sugar flowers. All the opinions given are my own and I am not sponsored by any company and can therefore maintain my independence. Access to these mini-classes is completely free but for your personal non-commercial use only, and are protected by copyright laws. Full details can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Mini Classes

Flowerpaste - Colouring with Airbrush Paint
Flowerpaste - Colouring with Dust
Flowerpaste - Colouring with Concentrated Gel Paste
Flowerpaste - Colouring with Liquid
Flowerpaste - Steaming and Glazing
Making Centres from Moulds
Making Centres with Large Stamen
Making Centres of Tiny Stamen
Tools and Equipment - Essential
Tools and Equipment - Nice To Have
Cutters and Veiners for making Peonies
Cutters and Veiners for making Poppies
Florist Tape for Flowers
Florist Tape for Foliage
Florist Tape for Other Things
Wiring Techniques
Veining Tools and Techniques
More coming soon !
More coming soon !
More coming soon !
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